Since 1998 we have been serving the automobile industry
with our exclusive Car Dealer Electronic Debit and
Credit Card Processing Program: Auto Dealer Platform®

The Auto Dealer Platform is a trademarked set of features and software options developed and marketed to support new car dealers.

Long before other processor’s copied us, we diagnosed the needs of the new car auto dealer and built innovative merchant processing software combinations that specifically target an auto dealer’s needs.


CFO and Business Manager Features

  • See transactions in REAL TIME
  • Monitor transactions before batching
  • Cardpointe ‐ online access to current/historical records
  • Cashier Training
  • No‐hassle installation PIN Debit
  • One batch regardless of the number of terminals or licenses
  • Our payment system integrates with most DMS providers

Ensuring successful installation with training for all selected features, onsite installation in most cases, plus personalized attention as described above, illustrate why we have hundreds of automobile dealers in our portfolio.

Online Training

As a merchant, once you are approved you will have access to the gateway: Cardpointe is a dedicated merchant website that allows business owners to access their merchant account information online 24/7 and to reach customer service. Merchants can also reconcile their deposits, retrieve their deposit information, view detailed reports on their chargeback and retrieval histories, and receive prompt answers to questions they submit via e‐mail.

However, Cardpointe is not always intuitive. Auto Dealer Platform conducts personalized training using online collaborative programs, such as GoToMeeting®, to help you learn how to effectively navigate Cardpointe and take advantage of all its features.

Problem Solving

With over 11 years’ experience in the merchant account/credit card processing business, we are, quite frankly, experts at handling any customer problem. If you have any problem or concern, you only need to call us and we will quickly determine the source of the problem, discern the most effective remedy, and take action to resolve it efficiently and with the least amount of hassle for you.


When you consider a Merchant Account Provider what factors do you consider?

    • Background? Auto Dealer Platform is owned and operated by a Service‐Connected Disabled Veteran who served his country and returned to establish a business with salespeople who also value their country and the opportunities that trustworthy‐selling practices provide.
    • Price? Life teaches us you usually get what you pay for… nonetheless, we do provide competitive pricing and actively monitor any processing industry changes that can affect our portfolio of Auto Dealer Platform merchants.
    • Integrity? Most people would say merchant processing and the word integrity are an oxymoron. Our customers will tell you we have integrity and consistency for 10+ years as a merchant account acquirer.
    • Personal Service? Many merchant processor sales people just sign you up and then move on, often never to be seen again. Our sales people manage their own merchant portfolio and are always your first line of service. Yes, we also have a 24/7 corporate service department; however, our salespeople navigate the corporate morass for you, saving you the time and the hassle of doing it yourself.